Going once, going twice…Old

Dear diary,

Much has happened since I last graced my digital archive of complaining with more than a passing photograph. I reread this entire thing last night while drinking, and oh how my life has transformed. Not really.

I have lived through my second divorce, of course, of course. All according to my plan to isolate, alienate, and completely misdirect my life from any sort of contentment or success. I am in fact back in sunny and horrible Florida. My previously noted apprehensions of moving here have all been proven worthy.

It’s not all sour apples. It’s nice to be around my family again for the first time in a decade, but closeness also means entanglement in all sorts of drama that I am entirely unaccustomed to.

Everything in Florida is older, dirtier, and more crowded than I remember it being as a child. It is a pleasant surprise to see many of the parks I liked to walk around are still mostly the same. But my old neighborhoods and especially where I live now have noticeably degenerated.

I deeply regret leaving the mountains. But when backed into a corner, unexpectedly, it was the only choice I felt I could make. Now I’m busy turning over plans to somehow get back. This is complicated by the fact that my Dad is going to need some pretty consistent assistance to go on living from here on out. Sylvia has gone completely mad again, ejecting him from his home. We all (Jen’s family, him, and myself) now live together in sit-com-like hilarity in my late Nana’s house. I at least have my own tiny apartment to hide in.

Finding work is pretty well fucked around here. I’ve joined a temp agency that functions like a unicycle with no spokes, but I’ve been working with my Step-dad in the cafe of a corporate office that owns and runs private prisons. I can’t even begin to understand just how in the hell I ended up in this situation.

Life, if anything, is unpredictable.

Oh, and Donald Trump is getting ready to be our president, and we are all going to die.


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