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January 14, 2017

In dreamland I relive my regrets
Rehearsing a strange alphabet
Each letter detailed
With every way that I’ve failed
And posted to those I’ve just met

My favorite clothes never fit
If life is a job then I quit
I’m slipping in pink
With every drink that I drink
All my roses are coming up shit


I can know no greater wealth, nor ever be so fortunate than to roam about the earth and go moving back and forth in it.

May 28, 2015

we have flown across the sky
and sailed across the ocean
chasing the never answered why
and the fleeting ghosts of notion
glance now through the endless prism
and abandon ye your nihilism

Put me in, Coach

May 5, 2015

Strike One

This is only the beginning, but I remember how it ends.
I’ve struck out every inning, so now you’ve gone out with your friends.
He’s stealing into second, he’s stealing into third.
The ball is still up in the air, but you hang onto every word.
I know here in the dugout my thoughts seem way off base,
but if I don’t keep up on the lookout, another player takes my place.
Put me in, Coach.

Strike Two

I know when playing pitcher, there always is a catch,
But I love to count my chickens long before they ever hatch.
If you’d just put me up to bat, I’d never fail at coming home,
But way out in this dugout I’ve been feeling so alone.
I’d love to dig my cleats deep into orange, into green,
But on this grey concrete it’s only red that I have seen.
Put me in, Coach.

Strike Three

If you’ll only let me swing it, I’ll be your Babe, I’ll be your Ruth.
Every voice out there will sing it, if you’ll only tell the truth.
I know our past is buried, but our future’s out on bond.
I’ve started sounding scary, and you’ve started looking gone.
If we can’t kiss for each other, then let’s do it for the crowd.
Our love is only smothered when we speak our names aloud.
Put me in, Coach.


December 24, 2014

The Devil is a great pretender
Every Devil knows it’s true
Behind the soul of sweet surrender
Does a Devil cast his view
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

See the Dog seek man’s permission
In fear against the striking hand
There lies the soul of sweet submission
As any Dog can understand
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

With all the world beneath their feet
Hear the gasping choirs sigh
Shouts the soul of sweet conceit
As every Angel sings on high
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

See the Fool; the gods abuse him
In his hands the puppet strings
Without the urge to ever use them
An eagle born with broken wings
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire
lake flacid


December 19, 2014

Your dream fills my
Ears nose and mouth with
Vanilla scented ocean water
Thousands of fingers squirm like
Maggots in a dragnet
Your puckered lips become
A bright red life-preserver
I reach in to discover
It is evening; we sit rapt
At a scarlet table
Your strange palmistry maps
My future without you
I thought that I’d never
Have to see you again
Now one more timetotirzah


December 9, 2014

If you try to run from me
I’ll build you prisons you can’t see
I’ll turn my fetters I’ll twist my ropes
Into my lofty music notes
If you try to block your ears
I’ll make you see what you can’t hear
I’ll take in your glance for questioning
The picture’s voice is deafening

aeternum vinculum


November 19, 2014

The Princess always changes faces
She’s one for every day
Drawn in garments tied with laces
Her ruby ringlets stray
Is She Summer, Winter, Spring
Or Autumn’s little changeling

Her blush has lost its powder pink
Her lips turned pallid grey
Her emerald eyes begin to blink
Her sunlight’s gone away
Is She Summer, Winter, Spring
Or Autumn’s little changeling

Oh how pale now are Her cheeks
As Her night takes over day
She hid Her face for days on weeks
When October passed her way
Is She Summer, Winter, Spring
Or Autumn’s little changeling



November 6, 2014

Do you have an ink that darkens
Have you an arrow in the quiver
Have you a candle in the darkness
Can you strike against the river
Can your feather glance the pages
Can you as its surface rages
Will your ink still hope to stain
Will the wind not slant your dart
Will your candle’s light remain
Will your feather fall apart
Won’t your ink soon lose its color
Won’t your arrow’s target flee
Won’t your candle’s light grow duller
Won’t you pluck one feather free

Iris (Columbine)

October 30, 2014

Come forth and hear Her poison ditties
Her voice still rings within the cities
The inoculation’s sudden sting
Tomorrow flies envenomed wings
Come forth now, oh Harem Queen
And help to wipe the ledger clean
Give an ear to the Lonely Muse
Who brings us news of slanted truths
Do not Her precious gifts refuse

Take now your leave of earthly things
The Owner of All Voices sings
In garments varied She adorns us
With each a note within Her chorus
Take now your leave of earthly senses
Gulp in the fumes of Her incenses
The rhythm of Her song commences
The loss of past and future tenses

Me oh, oh Me, oh Gaude!
This body’s small, I’m trapped inside!
Oh Gaude, Me oh, oh Gaude, Me!
There’s others trapped inside with me!
Who among us can be called “I”
Me oh, oh Me, oh Gaude why?
Will each sense return a sudden
Like memories not yet forgotten?

Bring me my eyes, my glowing orbs
Bring me my ears, to hear the choir
Bring me my tongue, my twisted sword
Bring me my nostrils, to breath the fire
With one sense in separation
That comes only in consummation
The mind desires, desires much
The mind desires another’s touch

So once again he’s drawn to bring
Himself to hear the song She sings
Perhaps more careful not to tread
Too far into the lay She’s lead
We are but droplets in Her ocean
Reflected lights of Her emotion
And proud are we the colored lenses
For Her projections beaming endless


October 24, 2014

There’s treasure hidden in the glade
My flower lost Her petals’ shade
In the sky the change is written
The winds of time blow intermittent
So why now standing on one foot
Has the creation deemed to put
My wooden form on earthen shelf
Creation why unmake thyself

Like crooked staves my arms are shook
There’s chilling winds upon the brook
By frigid fingers my petals plucked
My corn is cornered my leaves are shucked
So why now are the multitudes
Sent heavenward: my blood my brood
Crushed between the ivory mortar
Creation did you make me mortal

The blood within begins to thicken
My waving arms are palsy-stricken
My looming frame bends to defend Her
Frozen in Her cold surrender
So why now in the darkest night
Are weathered soldiers sent to fight
My creaking limbs cannot protect Her
From creation’s debt collector

Her virgin stem is growing light
The hills around bedecked in white
Be it death or be it marriage
The bones still bend beneath the carriage
Of all the forms who came before us
And utter now their silent chorus
Creation suffers to hear Her sing
So sends the cold to strangle Spring