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Losing Our Pulse

June 19, 2016

Losing Our Pulse


January 19, 2015



October 24, 2014

There’s treasure hidden in the glade
My flower lost Her petals’ shade
In the sky the change is written
The winds of time blow intermittent
So why now standing on one foot
Has the creation deemed to put
My wooden form on earthen shelf
Creation why unmake thyself

Like crooked staves my arms are shook
There’s chilling winds upon the brook
By frigid fingers my petals plucked
My corn is cornered my leaves are shucked
So why now are the multitudes
Sent heavenward: my blood my brood
Crushed between the ivory mortar
Creation did you make me mortal

The blood within begins to thicken
My waving arms are palsy-stricken
My looming frame bends to defend Her
Frozen in Her cold surrender
So why now in the darkest night
Are weathered soldiers sent to fight
My creaking limbs cannot protect Her
From creation’s debt collector

Her virgin stem is growing light
The hills around bedecked in white
Be it death or be it marriage
The bones still bend beneath the carriage
Of all the forms who came before us
And utter now their silent chorus
Creation suffers to hear Her sing
So sends the cold to strangle Spring