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December 24, 2014

The Devil is a great pretender
Every Devil knows it’s true
Behind the soul of sweet surrender
Does a Devil cast his view
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

See the Dog seek man’s permission
In fear against the striking hand
There lies the soul of sweet submission
As any Dog can understand
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

With all the world beneath their feet
Hear the gasping choirs sigh
Shouts the soul of sweet conceit
As every Angel sings on high
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire

See the Fool; the gods abuse him
In his hands the puppet strings
Without the urge to ever use them
An eagle born with broken wings
But the soul of sweet desire
Dances blindly in the fire
lake flacid


A Satiate Tattoo

September 13, 2014

Should it be a human dreams
Of heavens filled with winged beings
Or of a hell with demons vile
Encircling their burning pile
A slightly slanted mind will stray
Along the crooked passageway
Toward a light that distant shines
Toward a land of milder climes
The land that hides within the labyrinth
That’s only present in its absence
The thought that rests in fingers clutched
And still the fingers cannot touch
If there is a truth to know
Attainment starts with letting go


September 12, 2014

Do not send your prayers to me
Be the god you wish to see

The knives among the cutlery
Can cut to kill or cut to free

Do not fearful upward look
Courage strikes the baited hook

There’s no devil in the dark
That can rival human work

Do not think you can rely
Upon a single prayer’s reply

There’s no angel in the sky
That maintains the reason why

Heaven is a human choice
So let us raise our holy voice


August 9, 2014

To worship gods is to renew them
Their bounds filled in with lordly hues
To fall in love is only human
Some with reds and some with blues
But hearts are bound in wreathes of flames
When we breathe their holy names

The gods exist because we choose them
From among the shapes and signs
To see the truth in the illusion
There’s not a thing to hide behind
Nor a thought within the brain
That can commit them to the mind
Nor follow their legerdemain

The Halo and the Horn

October 12, 2013

True Heaven twists into a form
Between the halo and the horn
A Heaven shouted from the mountain
Will turn to poison every fountain
True Heaven is the thought divine
That lives and moves within the mind
A Heaven designed to command
Will disappear beneath the sand
True Heaven’s not two slates of stone
That turn the living thought to bone
Heaven is a sudden laugh
Heaven’s not a golden calf
Heaven is both pain and pleasure
Not endless wandering in the desert
Not endless wandering in the desert

True Heaven is not to the eye
Invisible –it passes by
A Heaven kept inside a book
Isn’t worth the slightest look
True Heaven is when mother’s milk
Flows from her breast as woven silk
A Heaven called by hungry prayers
In two the soul that Heaven tears
True Heaven is much stronger than
The One who made Leviathan
Heaven is the sturdy thigh
Heaven’s not the reason why
Heaven is the endless wars
Not the boils, cuts, and sores
Not the boils, cuts, and sores

True Heaven is not there or born
Except within an earthly form
A Heaven built by bricks of guilt
Steals the warmth ‘neath every quilt
True Heaven you might often find
Walks a path that’s serpentine
A Heaven built by wealthy hands
Forgets of what the Christ commands
True Heaven’s wrought by words of rhyme
That return from time to time
Heaven is the clenching hand
Heaven’s not the lion’s lamb
Heaven is the shrieking bleat
Not the wounded hands and feet
Not the wounded hands and feet

True Heaven’s built by grains of sand
with Nature’s careless tender hand
A Heaven that wills to seduce
Will the infant mind abuse
True Heaven flows with pollen’s grace
As moved by wind from place to place
A Heaven seeking people’s praise
Will perish in ten thousand days
True Heaven’s endless yet can still
Fit within the writer’s quill
Heaven’s always lost in thought
Heaven can’t be sold or bought
Heaven strips kings from the throne
God cannot be god alone
God cannot be god alone